While it's hard to tear yourself away from basking in the sun by the ocean, here at Pillar Point RV Park, sometimes you just want to go for a drive.  Plus, many of you travel with a motorcycle, so we have the perfect place
 for you to go.

The Loop
To make the perfect loop, head south on Highway One as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.  Take a left on Highway 92 and head over the mountain.   After about 6 miles, take a right on Skyline Drive (Hwy 35).  Follow Hwy 35 to Woodside, then through La Honda, which will lead you back to Highway 1.  Go north to get home!

The Drive
The roads are two way and in good repair.  If you have a smaller rig, I wouldn't mind taking the road.  You are going up the mountain, so there will be a chance for some stunning views toward the east as you go.   The road is especially curvy and a motorcycle riders dream as you head down the mountain and pass through picturesque ranches and groves of redwoods.

The Places to Eat

Along the way you'll run into Bella Vista Restaurant, in the heart of a redwood grove with views all the way to the ocean.  They refer to their restaurant as "Fine Continental Dining".     Bella Vista has been around for a long time. 

Inside features a full bar, fireplace, and several dining rooms with windows all around to capitalize on their incredible views.   Whether seeing the ocean by day or the lights of the city by night, this high end old charm restaurant is a great place for something special.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is Alice's Restaurant in Woodside. Alice's is not much further down the road from Belle Vista at a point called Four Corners.  It will be on the right hand side of the road and chances are there will be a number of motorcycles out front.   You'll see motorcycles at any given time because, like I mentioned earlier, this is a great ride on a bike.

Alice's has great food, reasonable prices, a full bar and is great for folks of all ages.   Plenty of inside and outside dining, along with a beautiful grassy area for just kickin' back and taking a break.    There's a single pump gas station next door and they sell all kinds of Alice's Restaurant shirts and sweats that read, "You can get anything you want..."  You know the song!

Breakfast is everything from chicken fried steak and gravy to pancakes and eggs. The burgers can't be beat here.  They have at least a dozen versions for you to choose from, or make up your own.    Love the chicken wings and fries!  Desserts are amazing as well.  I had warm chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that put even me into overload!

Here are a couple other restaurants that are well known that you will see on your trip...


The Mountain House Restaurant
13808 Skyline Blvd
Woodside, CA 94062
Wed-Sun 5 pm - 10 pm



Apple Jacks
1 Entrada Way, La Honda, CA 94020
(650) 747-0331

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