The annual "Dream Machines" festival attracted thousands of people through its gates again this year.  Having the event span two days really has helped alievate the severe traffic issues.   While it was cold with gray skies on Saturday morning, the sun came out and the helicopter and airplane rides took off and landed non-stop.

In case you're not familiar, "Dream Machines" is a fundraiser for a local senior center.  It's where most of the funding for the center comes from each year.   There are airplanes, cars, motorcycles, speed racers, antique steam machines, food, music and games.   It spans across a large section of the Half Moon Bay airport.   If you have a classic car, piece of farm equipment, any machine of any kind that has moving parts, you can display it at the show.   Owners are nearby and its fun to strike up a conversation about their show piece.

Of course, the best part for us, was staying at Pillar Point RV Park because it was a quick bike ride to the entrance.   They even had a special bike parking area that was watched over in case you didn't bring your lock.

One "machine" in particular, really caught our attention, a hand built RV!

Michel Olson and Christy Horne are a married couple who travel all across the United States in "Florence" their RV Castle, Blacksmith Shop and Stage Rig.
Michel is a blacksmith and Christy is a storyteller who have combined their talents to put on shows that entertain as well as educate their audience.   Michel built the rig himself.  It's a two bedroom wonder with a wood burning fireplace, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, the works.  The outside folds down and that's where the two perform their live shows.   More info:

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