One of the most glorious and enchanting things you can do while you are here at Pillar Point, is take the bike path south, toward Half Moon Bay.

Follow the path south along the ocean and get on the old road that runs past Mira Mar Restaurant.    As you follow the road, it will turn into a bike path again.  You will pass several unique looking homes, including one that houses the Ocean Studio which is an alliance of filmmakers, musicians, artists and photographers who work together to create "a deeper understanding of the world".  The house is not only creative in it's construction, but the gardens surrounding it are worth the trip to see.

Next you'll cross over a bridge and wind past coast hugging homes.   The path will take you just about as far as you would like to go...several Half Moon Bay and further....the ocean always in view.

Flowers along the path are in bloom during different times of the year, so you'll never know what you'll see.   (bunnies!)

Most of the ride is fairly flat and the views of the ocean are incredible.  There are several spots along with way where you can access the quiet beaches.
(This is not a typical access...but interesting none the less.)

This access has a ladder with a place for surfers to slide their boards...

Thanks to my friend "Capistrano" (made up name because they don't want to be blamed if the path gets too busy now that we've put it on the website...) for taking me on the tour to explore!

This is not

Capistrano took this wonderful
photo of the path...
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