If you are a music lover, one of the most enjoyable things you can do while you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park, is attend an afternoon at the "Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society."  (scroll down for video)

Located within walking distance along the ocean, the Douglas Beach house, owned by Pete Douglas, has been home to the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society featuring jazz and other genres of music since 1964.

Where did the name "Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society" come from?  According to their website:  "The name arose out of an informal party in 1963. A small group of friends were hanging out on a Sunday afternoon in a former beer joint facing the ocean, owned by Pete Douglas. While drinking and listening to recorded music, some other people came by and had some dynamite. They suggested we all go out and explode it on the beach.  Declining their offer, the dynamiters left. Meanwhile back to the party and music, Douglas put on his recording of the Bach Brandenburg Concerto. Upon listening a while, someone suggested the music was in 4/4 time — why not dance to it! This we did, doing a form of West Coast Swing dancing to Bach, when we heard an explosion on the beach. An inebriated guest, Bob Swift, upon hearing the blast, claimed we were the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society. Of course, we were anything but a society, and fancied ourselves Beat Hipsters of the Fifties who looked with Bohemian disdain on any social conformity."

Though not a bar or restaurant there's a catered light buffet and a wine and beer bar.  Bring your own picnic and enjoy that before the show on any number of outdoor picnic tables or on a rooftop patio overlooking the ocean.  You are welcome to bring your own wine and consume that during the concerts as well.

Who's playing?  

Reservations are suggested, but not required if you want to take a chance there's
always the chance they can find you a spot. 

Doors open at 3 pm for claiming seats, enjoying the buffet and ocean views. Two one-hour sets begin at 4:30 with an intermission.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of the society, or how you become a member, here's a blurb that talks about it.   


The beach house is located one block south of Miramar Restaurant across the beach from Pillar Point RV Park.   Take the bike path that runs in front of the RV Park and walk in the direction of Half Moon Bay.  The path will take you to Miramar, then walk along the ocean to the beach house.

Website: http://www.bachddsoc.org/index.html
email: info@bachddsoc.org
Non member open seating: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/browse.html
Enter Bach Dancing and Dynamite in the venue search

Watch the video of RV Dream Radio's Visit to Douglas House

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