RVing right on the beach...and then...that beautiful campfire to sit around.  As the cliche goes, "it doesn't get any better than this."

There are all kinds of campfires these days...propane driven has become more popular.  But, if you are into the oak campfire the wood is available locally.  Every once in a while, Rick Heidrick drives his pickup full of oak around the park, but, if you miss him you can call him at 650-712-8505 or 650-787-9730 and most of the time he'll be able to bring it to you....he has a nice bundle for $10..(we didn't ask him if he charged more for delivery, but, you can negotiate that with him).  Rick is a geologist by trade and tells us he's doing the wood thing to stay busy and have some fun.  You can also email Rick at RICKHMB@YAHOO.COM
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