The oldest golf course in San Francisco is also one of its best kept secrets and one of the most unique courses you'll ever play.  Lincoln Park's first 3 holes were built in 1902 overlooking the Golden Gate bridge.  As cemeteries were moved out of San Francisco and Lincoln Park, more holes were added until it became a full fledged 18 hole course by 1914.  The golf course is easy to get to from any place in the bay area...just about a 40 minute drive from Pillar Point RV Park. This golf course has some of the most beautiful views in the world..not only of the ocean, the bay and the Golden Gate bridge, but of the city itself.  The course rolls through the hills and around the Legion of Honor, so you will find many risk reward holes with elevated tees...At par 68, It is a short course with only one par 5, but, it's a real challenging course as well.  The fees are amazingly reasonable and it's open for the world to play...It's a very friendly course and you will be greeted warmly.

Rates are very reasonable...non resident fees on weekends are still below $70 with cart, and it[s much cheaper during the week. From Pillar Point RV Park take highway 1 north to the highway 35 turnoff, then take a left onto the Great Land's end follow Lobos around which will turn into Geary..go left at 34th street and you'll run right into the golf course.
300 34th Ave
San Francisco 94121

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