The sadness of how wildlife suffers when we don't take responsibility for our waste was brought home today. 

This morning one of our Pillar Point campers noticed a bird sitting on the rocks who had gotten tangled in a personal crab trap.  While professional fisherman use large crab pots that they toss into the ocean, you can catch crab at the end of a fishing pole with a small trap attached to the line.   As a crab goes for the bait in the small cage, its legs get caught in one of the many fishing lines all tied like little nooses to the cage. .  All the fisherman has to do then is reel in the crab whose claws are trapped in the lines.

Unfortunately, this bird got tangled in the fishing line connected to the cage.  The line was wrapped around its neck and feet.   He can still fly small distances and swim, but one wonders how long it will be before the line and cage get trapped on something else.

Animal rescue was called but the bird jumped into the water before he could be caught to remove the cage.   Hope we get another chance to help.

Here are some photos from the days events.  By the way, the ocean was filled with sea lions today...they are so fun to watch.

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