Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that mandates that Motorists trying to pass bicycles on a regular roadway must give the riders at least a 3 foot berth. 

This bill does not allow motorists to cross a double yellow line; if there is not enough room to provide a three-foot buffer zone.  Instead motorists must slow to a safe and reasonable speed.  

Currently, under existing law it’s not illegal to injure a bicyclist with a car.  However, the new law, which which will become law next September, contains two penalties.

*For a violation that does not result in an injury, the bill sets a base fine of $35, which becomes a $154 fine for the driver once court and administrative fees are added.

*For a violation that involves a collision that injures a bicyclist, the base fine is $220, which becomes a $959 fine for the driver. This new penalty is equal to the lowest fine imposed for reckless driving with bodily injury.


The state of California will be spending over $1 billion dollars over the next 30 years in
funding for compact transit‐oriented development and will launch a new Climate Action Program that will include new programs for bicycle facilities.



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