You certainly wouldn't have to guess what season it is if you happened to visit Pillar Point RV Park.   With a multitude of pumpkins, scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, spiders and skeletons, you would immediately see that the Halloween season is upon us.

Everyone is adding their own holiday spirit by decorating their rigs and hanging orange and purple lights.   The scene makes even a simple last of the night dog walk a bit exciting!

Pillar Point RV Park is the perfect place to be if you want to hunt for your perfect pumpkin.  With 27 pumpkin fields along Highway 1 and Highway 92, there are plenty to choose from.

Pillar Point RV Park is also the perfect place to headquarter if you are heading to the Pumpkin and Art Festival on October 19-20th.   No need to sit in traffic or worry about parking.  The festival is an easy 3 mile bike ride.

The ocean, the birds, the sunsets!   Not to mention that crab season begins in just a few weeks.   All great reasons to come and relax...

Here's a quick slideshow of the Halloween decorations around the park:

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