The first annual
Pillar Point RV Park Halloween Pet Parade was a smashing success!

Dogs from all over the park came to show off their Halloween costumes.  We paraded around the park and waved to the RVer's who lined the road cheering on the pups.

There were some very impressive dogs that joined in on the fun.  Rosie and Promise, two impeccably groomed standard poodles, Sky and Oakley, two Great Danes, bull dogs Smushie and Samantha, Haveniese Baily and Abbie....along with poodles, Sam, Rudy,  and Delta, Rocco and Olive.

The favorite moment was at the end when all were given "Pupperoni" treats...and actually, that's when we saw the most tricks of the day.   There were enormous amounts of sitting on demand, standing on hind legs, shaking of paws and some amazing leaps from the smallest of the group.

Hope you enjoy the video below!   We'll see you all again next year!

  1. Jan Stine Wish Maggie wouldn't have missed out on all the fun!
    on 10/30/2013
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