26th Annual
Boat Lighting Festival
December 14, 2013

It's that time of year again!  Time for all of Pillar Point Harbor to show off their Christmas joy as they cover their boats with lights.

Once a year, shortly after sunset, Pillar Point Harbor comes alive with boats covered in lights as they parade around the harbor.   Some captains spend weeks getting their boats decorated, some make political statements regarding the price of crab, some serve wine and appetizers, hoping to bribe the judges into a high score.   All in all, it's great fun.  The community band plays and there's hot apple cider and cookies to munch on as you stroll along the docks admiring the beautiful lights.  

Last year, even Santa was there for photos, so bring your cameras!

The reflections of the lights in the water are stunning. 

It's easy to make the short walk to the harbor from Pillar Point RV Park.  Head north on the path and follow the lights!  It's about a four block walk.

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