Devil's Slide Trail To Open
March 2014

The thought of driving Devil's slide used to fill motorists with fear, but now, you'll be able to walk or bike the new Devil's slide trail and see all the amazing views you were too scared to look at while you were behind the wheel!

Devil's Slide was named for the narrow, twisting road that hugged the steep side of the mountain that looms over a never ending view of the ocean...the drop, hundreds of feet to the rocks below.   During storms, mud and rocks would often slide and take out the road and many drivers did not survive a curve taken too fast.

The road was taken out of service after Caltrans opened the Tom Lantos Memorial Tunnels last March.   The county has spent over $2 million dollars to create two six foot bike lanes, a 12 foot pedestrian pathe and a series of signs that will explain the area's history.   The trail will be a haven for watching birds, dolphines, seals and migrating whales.   The path will be bordered by 3 foot concrete barriers.   Limited parking has parking has been created at both the north and south ends of the trail.

If you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park, simply take a left onto Highway One and travel about 8 miles.  Take a left at the stop light into the south parking lot located just before the tunnel.

  1. Rick Westlund You might want to take a LEFT onto Hwy 1 from the RV Park to get there. Or will end up and San Gregorio Beach!!!!!
    on 01/23/2014
  2. Pamela Hamilton are so right...or correct! Thanks for pointing that out...a left it is!
    on 01/25/2014
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