Don't Miss Saturday's Big Event!

"It Is Vapor," RV Dream and Pillar Point RV Park
present an introduction to electronic cigarettes!

Paul Salazar from "It Is Vapor"

 will demonstrate electronic cigarettes
and provide an e-juice tasting.

If you've ever wondered about electronic cigarettes and what
all the talk is about, now is the time to learn!   Try it out and
 decide whether "Vaping" (rather than smoking/supplement your smoking) could be right for you!

Paul will be here at Pillar Point RV Park Saturday,
January 25, 2014

Save 20% at the event and when you order product off the website.  Just enter the code "RVDREAM20".

Please visit these websites:,,

Top Ten Reasons RVers Love Vaping

1. Vapor won't smell up your RV like cigarettes
2. You may never have to step outside your rig again just to get your nicotine
3. Your clothes and hair won't stink
 (from tobacco, anyways)
4. You save big money over buying cigarettes
5. No one will ever ask if they can bum a "vape"
6. Vapor doesn't get in anybody's eyes
7.  You don't have to carry ashtrays in your rig
8. You don't have to worry about falling asleep with a "vape" in your hand
9. No constant search for a lighter
10. No second hand's only water vapor!

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