The month of March definitely came in like a lion this morning.    With heavy storm patterns to the north and south of us, the pacific ocean attacked the shoreline of Pillar Point RV Park relentlessly.   High tide brought waves so furious, they created a froth that looked like snow and covered a large area on the land side of the jetty.

What jetty?  The waves roared in and were not deterred by the jetty as they splashed over the top of the rocks, in-between the rocks and under the rocks to fill the path to the beach and the adjacent field with water. 


The waves were incredibly beautiful to watch and the sound of the crashing and splashing along with the birds making their noises was enough to bring everybody at the park to the shore to watch.  

The amazing strength of the ocean waves tossed a telephone poll sized log up on the rocks and broke a cement parking space tire stopper thing....into three pieces.

We got a bit of a break when the tide pulled out, letting the path to the beach dry out at least.  And yes, there were idiots standing on the new log having their photos taken while the very waves that put it there, were still threatening to take it back.  

So it may be rainy or storming at Pillar Point RV Park, but there is always something there to entertain you.    Here is a slideshow of photos I took today.

The surf that day was rough up and down the California coast. Here's a video I found on YouTube when a wave in Santa Barbara came crashing through the window of a restaurant on the pier.
  1. kim johnson You crack me up! The music to this is so very fitting, but hilarious! It was an awesome morning and afternoon! Amazing to stand directly in front of such a powerful, stunning display of nature! Then breakfast at 3 Zero with my sweet friend! It all required a 3 hour nap this afternoon :-)
    on 03/01/2014
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