The pelicans are back but this time, they're after the bait on the harbor side of the jetty.  My friend, Yvonne and I wonder how they survived the dive bombing since the water is so shallow, but it must be those beaks full of water and fish really stop their momentum.

Look how this pelican brings in his wings and becomes a living dart as it enters the water!

The cool thing that happened today is that a fisherman on the shore, tossed out his line in the middle of all the pelican mayhem and immediately caught a fish so we could see what the pelicans are feasting on...and it's no small fish!  No wonder the sea lions are out there too!

It really is amazing to see nature in action.     Update: While the bait is still here, the salmon that are also following the sardines, are still too deep in the water for the sport fisherman. 

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