It was one of the more magnificent days here at Pillar Point RV Park today.  The temperature was a balmy 78 degrees with only the slightest cool breeze, which made it perfect for sitting outside and sipping a few of your favorite beverages.   

In fact, the ocean itself was so calm, that for the first time since I started coming here, someone was out on the bay water-skiing!

A red tailed hawk also spent quite a bit time at the park.   He landed on top of the Tsunami sign in front, on top of the lamp post by the garden and in the trees by the park entrance.   He didn't seem afraid of all the people walking up, trying to take his photo.  What a fantastic bird up close and when he takes off in flight.

The most moving thing that happened today was a tribute by local pilots to their fellow airman, Eddie Andreini, who died last week while performing in his vintage airplane at an air show on Travis Air Force Base.   The planes flew over the bay in formation.   At one point, to honor the "missing man", one plane departed from the formation and flew off on a different path.    Andreini was a legend, both in the local flying community and among daredevil pilots nationwide. Earlier this year, he was honored by the Half Moon Bay City Council for his work as a pilot. Last year he was inducted into the International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame.

Be sure to check the website every day for hour by hour updates about weather and space availabilities....then come out and join the fun!

(The photo of the fly-by is a representative one and not the actual event)

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