Here's an interesting little tidbit.

What does the iconic Starkist logo "Charlie, The Tuna" have to do with Pillar Point Harbor?   The harbor was the birth place of the talking fish who always got rejected by the StarKist fishermen! "Sorry, Charlie!"

The Romeo wharf was built by Joe Romeo in 1940 for about $50,000.  Fishermen unloaded sardines and salmon there for decades. 

Joe branded cans of his seafood "Charlie Boy" with a cartoon fish wearing glasses and named the image Charlie, after his son. The fishing side of the business was later sold to StarKist Tuna, which adopted Charlie the Tuna as the company mascot.

The pier was officially closed down when the supply of sardines ran dry.  Today, it remains as the only visible memory of Princeton's sardine and cannery era.

(Romeo Pier in the background overlooking a Heron in the Marsh by Pillar Point)

Sadly, the county of San Mateo has approved a measure to tear down the pier before it actually falls down.   Officials believe that to remove the pier will cost over $650,000. At the time of this writing (5/2014) no actual date has been set to dismantle the pier but a study is underway.

  1. Susan Bass Gorgeous photo, Pam! You're right. This is sad. Like the old barns that are sinking into oblivion.
    on 05/14/2014
  2. Johnette Mitchell Well I believe I did it!!!!!!!! It is very sad that this lovely, long lasting Pier will be torn down!
    Susan is right, the old barns along the highways, and on the country roads all over are being
    replaced and torn down! I can just see the old days relived when I pass, or stop to see those
    old beautiful barns, and some of the old out buildings as well. I guess they call that progress??
    Great Photo Pammie!!!
    on 06/08/2014
  3. Pamela Hamilton Thanks Netta!
    on 06/09/2014
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