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While there are many restaurants in and around the Half Moon Bay area, we thought we would concentrate, in this post, on the restaurants that are walking distance or that you can ride your bike from Pillar Point RV Park. 

Take the bike path north toward the Harbor.   Go about 1.5 blocks and you will see stairs going up to the restaurant.   Eat inside or enjoy the large patio with your dog.

3 Zero Cafe 1.5 miles
(650) 728-1411
North on Highway 1 at the airport. 
Patio Dining in the back

Mezza Luna Restaurant  .9 miles
(650) 728-8108
.9 miles north up the path, left on Capistrano and follow around past HMB Brewery.   You should see it on your left once you get around the corner past the brewery.

Cafe Mezza Luna .5 miles
(650) 560-0137
Head north up the path toward the harbor.  Once you reach Capistrano, walk past Flavor.  Cafe Mezza Luna is the yellow building right next door.  Patio dining.

Old Princeton Landing .8 miles
(650) 740-6303
(Cash only)  Patio dining
Walk up the path toward the Harbor.  When you get to Capistrano, walk left past the Oceano Hotel, and The Brewing Company.  As you go around the corner, you will see Old Princeton Landing on the right.  Silver Star is the last door on the right.   It's straight across the street from Mezza Luna Restaurant.

Seville Tapas .8 miles
(650) 563-4181
This restaurant is right next to Silver Star.  Check the directions above.   Seville is just before Old Princeton Landing and is housed in a small orangy-peach colored building.
Patio dining

Ketch Joanne .4 miles
(650) 728-3747
Ketch Joanne is located in the Wharf parking lot.   Walk north on the path to the
Harbor.   It is down just a few doors from the Princeton Seafood Restaurant which is the first restaurant you will see as you come to the wharf.   Patio dining.

Princeton Seafood Restaurant  .4 miles
Take the path north past the launch, past the kayaks and to Pillar Point Harbor.  Head toward the parking lot.  It is the first restaurant in the small line of buildings there.  Patio dining

Oceano Hotel Bar and Grill .5 miles
(650) 726-5400
Take the walking path toward the harbor.  Take a left when you get to Capistrano street.  The Oceano will be on your right.  Big grey building.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company  .6 miles
(650) 728-2739
Take the walking path toward Pillar Point Harbor.   Take a left when you come to Capistrano Street.  Walk past the Oceano Hotel and Barbara's Fish Trap.  The Brewery is on the right.  Patio dining

The Brewery

Barbara's Fishtrap  .6 miles
(cash only)
Take the walking path toward Pillar Point Harbor  Take a left when you come to Capistrano Street.   You will see the restaurant on the Harbor side of the road once you pass the Oceano Hotel.  Picnic tables available outside along with indoor seating

Harbor Pizza .7 miles
(650) 560-8152
(Delivery after 5pm)
Harbor Pizza is across Highway One, next to the convenience store.  Take the walking path north to Capistrano Road.  Cross Highway One.   You will see the store and Harbor Pizza is right next to it.

Spicoli Pizza  .6 miles
(Delivers 4pm-9pm)
This great little pizza place is located in the Village Shoppes area behind Flavor Restaurant.  You will find it in space 44, which is to the end of the little mall and to your left.  

MiraMar  .8 miles
(650) 726-9053
Head  south on walking path.   Overlooks the ocean.

India Beach Restaurant   .4 mile
(650) 560-9039
425 Alhambra Street.  Cross Highway One at Surfer's Beach and then head left on Alhambra Street.   The restaurant is on Alhambra on the right.

The Press .6 miles
(650) 726-9775
Walk north on the path toward Pillar Point Harbor.  Take a right on Capistrano and cross Highway One.   Cafe Classique is the cute yellow house on the corner on the left...across the street from the convenience store.   Patio dining.  Bakery selections

The Barn 1.1 miles
(650) 726-5999
South on Highway One towards Half Moon Bay.   Take the walking path most of the way.
Breakfast only.  Bakery.

El Granada Hardware and Cafe .2 mile
Cut across Highway One and head straight to Portola where it crosses Alhambra.  The Hardware store is on the left, behind the fire station.   They serve up sandwiches, chips, and ice cream.  Patio dining only.


3 Zero
Mezza Luna Cafe
Ketch Joanne's
Oceano Hotel
Cafe Classique
The Press

Weekend Breakfast

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Flavor (Brunch on Sundays)

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