August went out with a bang last night at Pillar Point RV Park.   It was a stunning beach day and ended with a particularly stunning night.   The air was calm and warm and a half moon shone brightly in the sky casting a spectacular glow on the still bay.  How appropriate! 

It really was a great day.  Friends returned from a two week vacation,  young grandchildren, and a six month old great grand baby came to the park for a visit, another couple returned after having a successful surgical proceedure...not to mention all the friends and family who gathered here at the park to celebrate the Labor Day weekend.  

Our friends Umberto and his wonderful wife, Mary, led a group of us singing last night as we followed in a procession around the park, serenading friends at their RVs.  

The weather was perfect all weekend long.   Clear blue skies, 72 degrees with just enough breeze to keep you blissfully happy.   September and October are really wonderful times to visit Pillar Point RV Park because the weather is perfect and the feeling of fall starts to creep in.   Farmer John is getting his pumpkin patch ready, plans are being made for the upcoming Pumpkin Festival and it will soon be time again to weigh the giant pumpkins at the Annual Safeway Pumpkin Weigh-Off on October 13th.   And let's not forget the dramatic sunsets.   This is the time of the year when the sun will begin setting right over Mavericks.  Spectacular.

So, don't be afraid to just sneak away for the weekend!  Come enjoy the best season yet at Pillar Point RV Park.

See you soon!

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