This upcoming Saturday is Coastal Clean Up Day at Pillar Point RV Park.   While this is a special day, it's important that all beach visitors do their best to pick up their own trash and litter every day.   If you visit us next weekend, perhaps you will wish to get involved in the event. 

Here is some information from the Coast Clean Up website:

Every year, on the third Saturday in September, people join together at sites all over California to take part in the State's largest volunteer event, California Coastal Cleanup Day. In 2013, over 58,000 volunteers removed almost 750,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California's beaches, lakes, and waterways.

Vast amounts of plastic debris litter the world's oceans causing all manner of harm, and most of this debris comes from land. Our beaches are collecting spots for trash from city streets and highways. Trash travels - via inland waterways, storm drains, sewers, and on the wind, and eventually ends up on the coast. If not removed, this debris will end up in the ocean. Beach cleanups are a last line of defense - to prevent debris from causing harm to our oceans, to wildlife, to our coastal economies, and to beach-goers.

Many people assume that if trash exists in the ocean, it must be that the fishing and shipping industries are to blame. But in fact, only 20% of the items found in the ocean can be linked to ocean-based sources, like commercial fishing vessels, cargo ships (discharge of containers and garbage), or pleasure cruise ships.

The remainder (80%) is due to land-based sources, like litter (from pedestrians, motorists, beach visitors), industrial discharges (in the form of plastic pellets and powders), and garbage management (ill-fitting trash can lids, etc).

Take Action:

  • Refuse disposables, reduce, reuse and recycle (in that order) at home, work and school.
  • Buy reusable products and products made from recycled materials with little or no packaging.
  • Keep storm drains clean - they drain to waterways and the ocean.
  • Keep cigarette butts off streets and beaches.
  • Properly dispose of fishing lines, nets and hooks.

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