Beautiful Weather, Friendly Campers, Gorgeous Sunsets

What a day, what a day, what a wonderful day Sunday was! (except the 49er loss)   Besides being a spectacularly beautiful day...perfect 68 degree temperature, sunny skies and a slight cool breeze, the marine animal kingdom kept us all very entertained.

Fishermen say if you want to know where the fish are, then watch the birds.   No doubt there was a school of sardines concentrated that day just off the jetty.   Not only were there hundreds of birds coming to eat from up and down the coast, but there whales, dolphins and sea lions.   Not to mention fishermen.  Several boats were out in the middle of the bird frenzy tossing out their nets to catch the sardines, which they will use and sell as bait.

We saw several whales out by the buoy.   Not only did we see their spouts, but we could see their shiny backs and an occasional breach. 

The pelicans and all their entourage kept the waters churning as they circled and drove into the water to fill their stretchy beaks. 

It was also very interesting to watch a nearby sea lion capture, kill and consume his dinner.   The sea lion catches the fish, brings it to the surface and slaps it on the water trying to stun and kill the fish.   As the battle continues, a flock of birds gather, trying to steal the fish from the sea lion.   Finally, the sea lion swallows the fish whole and the birds go away.   Quite an amazing thing to see.    Here's just part of the dramatic battle between the sea lion, the fish and the birds.

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