Commercial crab season has begun and they are seeing the same abundance of crab that the sport fishermen have been experiencing.    The boats are coming back early every day heavily loaded with BIG crab!  

At the Princeton Fish Market, just down the path, the wait is 2.5 hours to get a cooked and cleaned crab.   They can't steam them fast enough for all the people who are here to get a taste of this year's catch.

Of course, you can go to the boats themselves down at the harbor and take them home to cook yourself.   Current price, as of 11/17/14, is $6.00/lb.

Sport fisherman are still out there.   The jetty is full of folks catching crab and the bay is filled at any given time with a dozen or more kayaks or small boats looking for their share of the bounty.  Here's our neighbor, Ted.  He and his wife, Connie have been bringing in their limit of crab every day for the past three days.   They boil and clean the crab themselves, right there by their rig and then freeze it for the holidays....


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