I took a short walk down to the harbor on Thursday after I saw a number of semi-trucks lined up on the wharf. Turns out crab is so plentiful here, that they are shipping them all over the west coast.    Here's what I saw!

This container holds 800 pounds of crab

The containers are loaded onto a waiting semi-truck

Each semi holds 44 containers. Three to four semi's have been filled every day since crab season opened on November 15th. These semi's are headed to Washington state.

Folks are flocking to the boats in the harbor that are selling crab. There are several boats that fly flags saying they have crab or you can check the board at the beginning of the harbor that lists the boats who are selling crab.

In the meantime, people are still flocking to the jetty off Pillar Point RV Park and having great success catching crab as well!

This is one of the best times of the year to come to Pillar Point RV Park. So much going on! The waves are big and beautiful as they crash against the jetty, there's fresh fish and crab right off the boat, and some of the best sunsets you will see anywhere!   Here's what we saw tonight!   Hope to see you soon!

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