The weather forecast was correct!   The wind today at the beach is between 32-35mph and the ocean is roiling in crashing waves.  The three flags at the front of the park are flapping furiously and the poles are swaying back and forth like crazy.   Rain is light but with the wind, those little drops sting when they hit your face.   How do I know?  While everyone is inside, cozy and watching movies, I am out there, taking photos of the waves for YOU!   Haha...  you know I can't help myself!

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a number of trees coming down in the area.  But good news for the park is the electricity is still on, we are warm, enjoying an amazing view and staying dry.     I think everyone should have a chance to experience a storm at the beach.  It's actually quite awe inspiring!   

I put this next photo up just because you can see how blurred the whirly-gig is in the foreground from the wind!

OMG!!! It's just after lunch time, the storm is raging and of course there are kite surfers out and one just jumped over 20 feet into the sky! They love this wind! What a show!
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