You never know what you're going to see when you stay at Pillar Point RV Park!   Dolphins, whales, pelicans diving for their dinner... or this guy!   We don't know his name or even what to call his contraption, but he brings joy to kids and adults alike when he flies over the park and the beaches.   

A little research tells us that his vehicle is called a "Powered Parachute" or "Paragliders". It consists of a parachute, a motor and wheels.  The PPC flies about 25-35 miles an hour and can easily glide along the ground or go as high at 10,000 feet.   PPCs are considered to be safer than normal fixed-wing aircraft!   (If the motor stops, you're already hooked up to a parachute and you just glide to the ground.)   You do not need a pilot's license to fly one of these babies.   PPCs do not need an airport to take off and land. Many pilots fly from their back yards small airports, and  fields.  One of these rigs will set you back $10 grand or so.

It sure looks like fun and if I had the chance to go up, I would!   In the meantime, we can
watch our local pilot as he sails by and imagine what it must feel like to be floating above the coastline.    Next time, when he makes his appearance at Pillar Point RV Park, give him a wave...he'll wave back!  

See this and all the different kinds of sporting activities available to you when you visit Pillar Point RV Park and the Bay Area.   Follow this link to purchase your ultimate video guide the to the Bay Area at:

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