You've heard us say many times, that when you stay at Pillar Point RV Park, you never know who you will meet or what you will see.    Today was no different!  

One of Pillar Point's rv guests had a visit from a friend who plays an Alphorn!  

Unlike the traditional alphorn, the one Billy Robinson brought to play was made of light fiberglass (weighing only 2.5 pounds)  and was collapsible to fit in a carry bag.    Stretched out, it reached 8 feet, put away, only 2 feet!

The instrument, known as an alphorn is traditionally used for herding animals. Traditionally the alphorn is carved from a pine or spruce tree. The length of the horn, the tube's thickness and size of bell crafted at the end of the long tube determine its tone

A record was set in August of 2013 of 508 Alphorn players, clad in traditional Swiss costume, playing together in the Swiss region of Zermatt, home to the Matterhorn mountain.

Here's Billy playing some music on his Alphorn.

More information about the Alphorn. 

How Alphorns are made:
Page 3 of this website shows some of the amazing artwork that can be done on the bell of the alphorn.

The making of an alphorn

Alphorn Band:
The sounds are just beautiful
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