It was a lively week at
Pillar Point RV Park! 

Kids on spring break always make for a celebratory feeling here.  Kids on bikes, BBQ's fired up, late nights around the campfire. I would say it was a terrific week with lots of good weather.

Two things in particular really caused some commotion.  

A 7 month old baby seal, weighing about 16 pounds, was found on the jetty rocks in front of the park Tuesday afternoon.   The Marine Mammal Center was called and it was determined that the baby was underweight and had a cough.  Speaking with local volunteer, Dawn Beavis, we were told that four babies had been rescued that very day around the area.   Plus a shipment of 8 babies were sent up from the Monterey area this week as well.   It is being thought that the mothers are having to go further away from their babies to find food, so they are away from their pups longer.  

According to the Marine Center's website, they have named the pup Minden.   You can follow him at this website:

The other interesting thing to watch was the local fire department practicing putting out a fire that would be on a boat on Wednesday.   The Sheriff's fire boat has a very strong red nozzle in the front that can shoot water across large distances.  It can move side to side and up and down as it is needed.    Who doesn't like watching boys playing with squirt guns?

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