We just have to let you know about the best place to get coffee.  
It's local and a short walk from Pillar Point RV Park.

Often in the morning I see folks returning from the parks parking lot juggling their Starbucks cups.  I think to myself, why did you get in your car and drive 4 miles, wait in line and drive 4 miles back, when the best coffee you can have is right across the street at El Granada Hardware and Cafe.    Yeah, I know...don't let the name fool you.   This is an oasis for coffee drinkers.   Thirty kinds of beans for lattes, cappuccinos, ice coffees, drip coffees, tea, chai, smoothies, Red Bull Bombs....fresh brewed with every cup.  

Their fresh deli section is great for giant sized sandwiches, bagels, pastries and hand scooped ice cream.   Around Half Moon Bay's Pumpkin Festive time, they even have pumpkin ice cream, of course.

It's also a hardware store!  A serious hardware store with nuts and bolts, tools of every kind, wires, adhesives, gardening supplies and more.   They also have an RV section built around the needs of visitors at Pillar Point RV Park!   The most important item being RV toilet paper!  Check with them before thinking about the long drive to Camping World.

"Sabrina's Corner" of the store features gifts, jewelry, cards and other mementos.  It's a fun place to explore while you are waiting for your coffee to be brewed.

Where is this magical place I am speaking of located?   Directly across Highway One from the Pillar Point RV Park driveway.   You can look across Hwy One and see the fire station...well, El Granada Hardware and Cafe is right next to that. 

Have a sandwich in their sunny patio, bring it home to your rig, or go to the beach and enjoy while watching the activity on Surfer's Beach.   You will discover what locals have always known, El Granada Hardware and Cafe is a great place!

P.S.  They also have propane exchange.  Great for those of you who have those cool propane fire pits.

El Granada Hardware and Cafe Hours:

Mon – Fri 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sat & Sun 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sabrina gives you a complete tour
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