Despite the cool temperatures and misty mornings, Pillar Point RV Park was packed to the gills!  So many groups and families all enjoyed the long weekend cooking outside, sitting around bonfires, enjoying a glass of wine, chatting and laughing.

There was even a 50th birthday weekend long celebration!

A good time was had by all!  This was the day after, the day after...a little quieter!

Late afternoon, Monday, there was excitement of a different kind.  Another baby seal was spotted on the jetty right in front of the RV park.   The Marine Mammal Center was called and volunteers arrived about an hour later. They quickly and gently secured the pup who was thought to weigh about 32 pounds.  In the following photos, you can see how thin the pup was.  It's skin was baggy and you should never see a sea lion's hip bones!   The volunteers let the person who called in the rescue name the pup who will from now on be known as "Worthy".  You can follow Worthy on the MMC website:

In the meantime, here is a brief slide show of the event!

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