While I love today's rigs with their multiple slideouts and roomy bathrooms, there's certainly something to be said for the trailers of years gone by.   Our new friend, John, rolled into Pillar Point RV Park this past weekend and our jaws all dropped at the cool set up he had going on. 

He did most of the restoration work himself and then painted the trailer to match the car, a 1962 Impala station wagon.  Cherry inside and out.   The car has hydraulics so it can raise up when needed.

Look how long that car is! Longer than the wonder the cars then didn't have any trouble pulling those single axle travel trailers.  

What did it look like inside, you say?  Plenty of room since you would spend most of your time outdoors, anyway!   Sleeps two comfortably. 

Then there's this little blast from the past. Instead of a refrigerator, it had an ice box. Sure enough, there was a big block of ice sitting in the all metal unit and it was definitely keeping the inside cool. Keep in mind that it's really never too "hot" the 70' it worked out perfectly.

If you would like to learn more about vintage/retro travel trailers, or attend a vintage trailer rally, check out these sites:
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