Another Amazing Squid Season Is Here! 
(When the squid are gone, the season is over...)

This season, 8 fishing boats who catch for Southern Cal Seafood, are bringing in approximately 600 tons of squid a day into Pillar Point Harbor says the Harbor Master.
Each boat can bring in 100 tons of the delicacy. 

Squid fishing takes place during the night.  The fishermen shine bright lights into the water and the squid come to the top where they are nabbed in big nets.    We counted up to 51 boats just off Pillar Point Harbor over the past week or so.  With their lights glowing, it looks like a whole city is floating just off the coast.

Today, (8/2/15) There were seven huge semi trucks backing up on the wharf to be loaded with huge orange colored crates full of ice and squid.  The squid are taken to a cannery where they are cleaned and most likely shipped all over the world.

Fishing boat pulls up to be unloaded...

Squid are sucked out of the boats' holding tanks and onto a conveyor where they are dumped into orange plastic crates, topped off with ice and then loaded into a waiting semi-truck.

You can always tell if it's squid that are being unloaded because they leave a sudsy looking residue on the water in the harbor.

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