Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival
October 17–18, 2015 * 9am to 5pm
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California

The fields around Half Moon Bay are turning orange! And you know what that means....
The Pumpkin Festival and
The Safeway Pumpkin Weigh Off!

The Weigh-Off
Heavyweight Championship of Gargantuan Gourds
October 12, 2015 7am to 11am
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California

The $30,000 prize money this year is believed to be the greatest, by far, of any weigh-off in the world...

Here's how the $30,000 breaks down: the winner receives $6 per pound plus a $10,000 bonus mega prize for a new world record plus the difference to get to $30,000. So, a 2,000-pound pumpkin would net $12,000 (2,000 pounds x $6 per pound), plus $10,000 for a new world record, plus an additional $8,000 difference to get to the $30,000 threshold.


To receive the $30,000 world record prize, the grower must break and hold the world record at the conclusion of the Half Moon Bay weigh-off. If two or more growers happen to break the world record at Half Moon Bay, the prize money would go to the grower of the heaviest pumpkin.

The Festival
The best way to go to the festival, of course, is to stay at Pillar Point RV Park.  In order to get to the festival, simply turn right onto Cabrillo Highway as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.   Travel approximately 3 miles and take a left on Kelly Street.  (I believe it is the next stop light past the Hwy 92 turn)  Once there, look on the left for marked parking lots.  It may cost ten bucks to park there at the church, but it's so close and easy to get in and out of.   At this time of the day, (7am or so) you won't really have much trouble with traffic.  Enjoy the Pancake Breakfast until the booths open.



Pancake Breakfast (both days, 7 AM), Costume Contest (Saturday, 10 AM), The Great Pumpkin Parade (Saturday, 12 noon), Pie-Eating Contests (Saturday and Sunday, 2 PM), "Smashing Pumpkins: Battle of the Bands" (Saturday and Sunday, 3 PM), Pumpkin Run & Stroll (Sunday, 8 AM), Pumpkin Carving for fun/no judging (Sunday, 10 AM).


Pick your spot early on Saturday for the Pumpkin Parade at noon.  The Main Street curb fills up early and people are lined up 10-12 deep.



Artists from all along the coast come to display and sell their work.  There is everything from photography, jewelry, handmade fashion, quilts, sculptures and of course, mixed media pumpkins!



There is food at the festival that will please everyone in your family.  Healthy and Organic, to burgers, corn dogs, tamales and turkey legs.  You can bet most half of the offerings will have pumpkin in the list of their ingredients!



The festival features three stages for entertainment. 

Music, performances, pumpkin carving by Farmer Mike, costume contest, pie eating contest and more....


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