I have to admit, I didn't get a darn thing done today!  Instead, I spent the day on the jetty watching an entire circus of sea animals in a feeding frenzy...and I was not alone.  The jetty was full of adults and kids all squealing with delight as they saw Surfer's Beach near the jetty teeming with life.    Cars stopped along Highway One, so much so, that police made several announcements on their speakers about moving along. 

There were up to four whales at a time in the water in front of Pillar Point RV Park today.  Nearly a dozen dolphins, half a dozen harbor seals and a million pelicans, shear waters, sea gulls and birds I don't know the name of, joined the whales.   The birds were diving down from the sky to get the little fish and the whales were attacking them from below as they broke the surface, mouths open wide to scoop as much food into them as they could.

Two of the whales side by side.   They rarely traveled apart and often times, both came up with open mouths at the same time!

It was quite a symphony of sound as well.  Each of the birds with their calls, the loud flutter of their wings as they rose off the water, the blow hole sounds of the whales, the barking of the harbor seals, the sound of the rain on the rocks and the amazed gasps from those watching, all tied together with the steady beat of the harbor fog horn.

Sorry for the blurry photo...

More whales.... I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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