Haha...get the pun?  The beach gets shored up?  Yea, yea...ok...I won't do it again...

Now for the news!
Caltrans has begun work on the Surfer's Beach shoreline protection project.    Work includes installing a rock slope to protect a 175 foot section of Surfer's Beach to keep the ocean from eroding the beach bluff away to Highway One.  

Caltrans will also pave a 400 foot section of trail to connect two portions of the Coastal Trail and install a staircase for beach access.   The work is projected to be completed by January 2016.

The project is set to cost $1.7 million with the bulk of the funds coming from Caltrans.  The city of Half Moon Bay contributed $100,000 and the county of San Mateo contributed $400,000. 

While most beach goers
are excited about the improvements,
this seagull seems a bit
bored with it all....

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