Update!  4-5-2016

The months of waiting for commerical crab fishing to be okayed is finally here. Commercial Dungeness crab season was offically opened last Saturday after an okay by the Fish and Game Commission and the wholesale price of $2.99 a pound was agreed upon.  At Pillar Point fishermen are selling right off their boats to customers for about  $6 a pound. The crab are reportedly to be especially plump after being left in the water for longer periods of time.

After months of restrictions from the Fish and Game Commission because of a high level of "domoic acid" in crab, the announcement was made back in December clearing recreational crab fishing. But, levels were still too high in the north and it wasn't until now that commiercial fishing was cleared.

The legislature had wanted a state wide opening to protect California fishermen.  The testing was finally cleared north of Point Reyes. 

Governor Brown had issued a request for disaster relief as many professional fishermen and boats have been devastated financially by the closing of the crab season.  That request is in the hands of the White House and is expected to bring some relief.

So, now the crab party is on and Pillar Point RV Park is the perfect place to stay to do your "crabbing" whether you are bringing pots are just hooking then on your line from the jetty right in front!

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