Picture of Mud Creek slide areaThe longest closure in the history of Highway 1 has ended.  After almost 18 months Caltrans announced at 9:45 AM Wednesday morning that the road across Mud Creek is open for all traffic...all the way from Carmel.  There are no longer any long closures on Highway 1 all the way from Pillar Point RV Park through Monterey and Carmel down the Big Sur coast to Cambria.  A 132,000 acre fire which destroyed vegetation, followed by massive record breaking rains last year, took out the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge further north, followed by slide at Paul's Slide and ultimately resulted in a huge mudslide that closed the highway at Mud Creek, between Gorda and Ragged Point.  

The official opening ceremony took place at the Ragged Point Inn at 11am, this morning (Friday, July 20.)

Officials warned that finishing construction is continuing so there may be some delays at time on the highway, but, they will be short.

The new road is an incredible engineering accomplishment.  The slide occured in May 2017 burying the old road under 40 feet of dirt and rocks.  Six million tons of debris was displaced creating 2400 feet of new shoreline.  It has cost taxpayers $54 million to repair the hillside and reconstruct a quarter mile of new pavement.  The new road is 250 feet west of the old road.

Picture above is from Caltrans5 Twitter post this morning

Watch this incredible video where project manager Joe Irwin explains how it all worked

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