Historic Johnston House
Holiday Boutique

Both a shopping extravaganza and an opportunity to tour this historic home, the Holiday Boutique takes place the first two weekends in November each year from 10am – 4pm.

The Holiday Boutique will be filled with decorated Christmas trees in every room, unique holiday wreaths, gourmet treats, hand-crafted jewelry and arts and crafts by many local and regional artists as well as merchandise from Half Moon Bay...

Here's an idea if you're looking for an off beat shopping experience and have a certain sense of the macabre...

San Quentin State Prison in California is a scary place. It houses some of the most menacing criminals in the nation, and it’s home to the largest death row in the United States.  But at least it has a gift shop!  There, you can buy convict-made music boxes, drawings, and paintings. You can even get yourself a greeting card ma...

Besides relaxing and watching the ocean, one of the things a lot of people like to do while they are at Pillar Point RV Park is to go to San Francisco.   Whether you want to see the sights or shop til you drop, taking BART is the best way in or out of the city.   You won't have to deal with traffic or finding a very expensive parking space if you take public transportation.

Whether you are taking a tow vehicle or your RV, you...
If you like treasure hunting,
these two stores are exactly what you're looking for!

"Half to Have It" is located downtown Half Moon Bay and is a vintage/gift store.   You name it, they have it somewhere in their two story facility.   Furniture, stained glass, vintage jewelry, glass ware, flatware, art and much more.

The outdoor/garden section of the store is called NEST Gallery and is located in the Pillar Point Harbor area.&a...

Main Street Goldworks
542 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone: 650-726-2546

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am -5:30pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

We were walking downtown Half Moon Bay looking for a burger when we came upon the Main Street Goldworks jewelry store.

We met Jesse Warshauer and his mother Patti Warhsauer, family owners and both award winning designers.   They were very friendly and I was immediately taken by their beautiful jewelry...

Pescadero, California

One of the little side trips you will want to take is to the historic little town of Pescadero.  The town of about 650 people is 16 miles south on Highway One and two miles east of Pescadero State Beach on Pescadero Road.  (You'll see the sign on the left marking the town)

Many of the buildings in town date from the 19th Century. 

Heading to town, you'll first pass the Pescadero March.  Located where the P...
3 Serramonte Ctr
Daly City, CA
(650) 992-8686

I don't care how wonderful and healing the pacific ocean is, or how dramatic the sunset, sometimes you must indulge in some serious retail therapy.    Besides, what are holidays for?   While there are a number of boutiques and shops in and around Half Moon Bay, sometimes you just need a Macys...

Serramonte Mall is located in Daly City and is about half an hour nort...
E Plant World

12511 San Mateo Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 238-8130

If you are an orchid lover, there's no better place to go while you're at Pillar Point RV in Half Moon Bay than to the orchid wholesale store.  When I say store, it's actually a giant greenhouse with thousands and thousands of orchids of every size, shape and color you can imagine.   Prices are reasonable, with special sales on some.   It's open to th...

Fabbri Home and Garden
501 San Mateo Road, Highway 92 (Spanish Town)
Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

Open 7 days a week

You can't miss this place if you are coming to Half Moon Bay via Highway 92 because of all the dinosaurs in front of their gardens!   Giant 19 foot T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops along with a Wooly Mamoth and giraffes greet you as you drive along.   The creatures, including flying dragons,&...