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Mountain biking has become more and more popular over the years.   There's a whole  range of skill sets that need to be honed in order to safely navigate those rustic mountain trails.  Pump Tracks are simulated mountain trails that help you build those skills.   A new pump track recently opened in Santa Cruz.



Devil's Slide Trail, a 1.3-mile path for hikers, cyclists and horseback riders is finally open. It's the latest addition to the San Mateo County Parks system. The trail, built over what was a section of Highway One, has been repaved.  Restrooms have been added to the parking lots and there are three overlooks. Benches sprinkle the trail and an array of interpretive panels along the way inform you of the area's history, geology...
Devil's Slide Trail To Open
March 2014

The thought of driving Devil's slide used to fill motorists with fear, but now, you'll be able to walk or bike the new Devil's slide trail and see all the amazing views you were too scared to look at while you were behind the wheel!

Devil's Slide was named for the narrow, twisting road that hugged the steep side of the mountain that looms over a never ending view of the ocean...the drop, hundreds of feet to t...
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that mandates that Motorists trying to pass bicycles on a regular roadway must give the riders at least a 3 foot berth. 

This bill does not allow motorists to cross a double yellow line; if there is not enough room to provide a three-foot buffer zone.  Instead motorists must slow to a safe and reasonable speed.  

Currently, under existing law it’s not illegal to injure a bicyclist with a car.  However, th...

Just half an hour away from Pillar Point RV park is the seven hundred acre Coyote Point recreation area... Just go straight across 92 East to highway 101 go north for 3 miles and you're there...  (Take video tour below)

There are no coyotes at coyote point, it was most likely named after the original owner of the grant from Mexico, Coyetano Arenas. 

Coyote Point features a pistol and rifle range, miles of hiking trails through the fores...
One of the most glorious and enchanting things you can do while you are here at Pillar Point, is take the bike path south, toward Half Moon Bay.

Follow the path south along the ocean and get on the old road that runs past Mira Mar Restaurant.    As you follow the road, it will turn into a bike path again.  You will pass several unique looking homes, including one that houses the Ocean Studio which is an alliance of filmmakers...

Pillar Point RV Park is right on the Pacific Ocean.  There's a jetty that runs in front of and perpendicular to the RV park.  It provides some beautiful moments of crashing waves, a scenic spot for photographs, a place to fish and catch crab.  One use that never came to my mind was trick bike riding!  These guys are not part of any club or performing group, they are just local guys who get together on ...

Top 10 Reasons And More To Love Pillar Point RV Park
in Half Moon Bay, California

Just so you know, this started out to be a Top Ten list, but quickly became more than that.  Ask anyone here, especially those who come time and time again as often as they can, why they keep coming back and you'll hear some of the same reasons we've listed below.   I'm not sure what gets me so attached, perhaps it's the fresh smell of the ocean, the d...

One of the activities that you can't escape at Pillar Point RV Park is biking.   One of the most beautiful trails runs right in front of your rig.   No bike? No problem.  Here's a list of places you can rent a bike, as well as guided tours and local favorite trails.


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