We just have to let you know about the best place to get coffee.  

Often in the morning I see folks returning from the parking lot with their Starbucks cups.  I think to myself, why did you get in your car and drive 4 miles, wait in line and drive 4 miles back, when the best coffee you can have is right across the street at El Granada Hardware and Cafe.    Yeah, I know...don't let the name fool you.   This...

Moss Beach Chevron
9400 Highway 1
Moss Beach, CA  94038


Chevron in Moss Beach has added diesel pumps!  

The station is close and most importantly
Easy to get to, easy in and out...

Hours: 6:30am-10pm daily

Chevron is also where you can get your propane tanks filled or pumped directly into your vehicle, like we do with
our Road Trek.
Hours for Propane Service:  8am-6pm

Take a left onto Highway 1 as yo...