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If you like treasure hunting,
these two stores are exactly what you're looking for!

"Half to Have It" is located downtown Half Moon Bay and is a vintage/gift store.   You name it, they have it somewhere in their two story facility.   Furniture, stained glass, vintage jewelry, glass ware, flatware, art and much more.

The outdoor/garden section of the store is called NEST Gallery and is located in the Pillar Point Harbor area.&a...

Harley Farms Goat Dairy
205 North Street
Pescadero, CA  94060
(650) 879-0480
Open daily 10am-5pm

No pets are allowed

When you visit, you'll see the very real physical work of farming. You'll see the Victorian barn, with its century of San Mateo dairy history. 

There are special dinners in their incredible barn and you can buy the fresh goat cheese.   This is definitely something you will want to see....

Check out this wonderful video th...<...>

Duarte's Tavern

202 Stage Road,
Pescadero CA 94060
(650) 879-0464

7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily

no pets in the restaurant/pricey

In 2003, Durates' was given an honorary James Beard Award for Excellence  as an American Classic.  They serve up to 13,000 people a month, so it's not unusual to arrive and see a line of people outside.  We came late afternoon during the week and had no problems and were seated right away.   Their claim to fame is thei...

Pescadero, California

One of the little side trips you will want to take is to the historic little town of Pescadero.  The town of about 650 people is 16 miles south on Highway One and two miles east of Pescadero State Beach on Pescadero Road.  (You'll see the sign on the left marking the town)

Many of the buildings in town date from the 19th Century. 

Heading to town, you'll first pass the Pescadero March.  Located where the P...