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Devil's Slide Trail To Open
March 2014

The thought of driving Devil's slide used to fill motorists with fear, but now, you'll be able to walk or bike the new Devil's slide trail and see all the amazing views you were too scared to look at while you were behind the wheel!

Devil's Slide was named for the narrow, twisting road that hugged the steep side of the mountain that looms over a never ending view of the ocean...the drop, hundreds of feet to t...
It's going to be even easier to get to Pillar Point RV Park.

The first Caltrans Highway tunnel in 50 years will have its opening ceremony on Monday the 25th of March, then open up for morning commuter traffic on March 26th. The tunnel will cut off the treacherous Devils slide highway which has crumbled and had to be closed every 6 to 8 years. Huge boulders rained down on that part of the coast in 2006.  The highway was closed for 4 months wt...