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4th Annual
Fish & Fleet Festival

Pillar Point Harbor
Half Moon Bay, CA

Sunday, September 16, 2018

One of the real perks of staying at Pillar Point RV Park is the availability of fresh, local seafood.
Whether buying from the fish market at the harbor, right off the boat from the fisherman who caught it or catching it yourself right off the jetty, fresh fish and seasonal crab are bountiful.

3 years ago, Pillar Point Harbor created a ne...
Coastside Farmer's Markets

Visiting the Farmer's Market is one of the best things you can do while you stay at Pillar Point RV Park.

According to their website, the Certifed Market community was created in 2002 to link Coastside residents with their neighbors...the Coastside farmers, ranchers, fishermen and culinary artisans that produce some of the most beautiful, nutritious and creative food in the world.

Gourmet Magazine described the Half Moon ...

See that black mass out there in the ocean?   It's not an oil slick or even a cloud shadow.
It's a flock of sea birds, as far as the eye can see from one side of Half Moon Bay to the other.  The birds are called Shearwaters.  There are 30 different kinds of shearwaters, and we believe these are sooty shearwaters.   These birds live on the water and come on land only to breed.   They migrate up to 40,000 mil...

Holy Moly! APB must have been put out Monday, calling all sea lions, sea gulls and Pelicans to Surfer's Beach right in front of Pillar Point RV Park!  

Not to mention, a very large research ship...

Like I always say, you never know what you will see when you visit Pillar Point RV Park!

The first thing we noticed in the morning were all the pelicans...then a large ship...then here comes an enormous raft of sea lions...and two lar...

You never know what you are going to see out on the pacific ocean when you stay at Pillar Point RV Park.  Nature is always so entertaining.   This morning it appeared that there was a big school of fish right off the beach in front of the park.  I could see the action from the rig and went outside to take some video.  There were pelicans, terns, and all the birds that usually accompany them swarming over the surface of t...

Recreational Sport
Crab Season
is here!

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have streamed into Pillar Point RV Park and the surrounding area as sport fishing dungeness crab season officially opens.  And, they are hauling them in today, along with Rock Cod and other fish.  It's an exciting day and we'll be updating this post to tell you more about it.

(Thanks to Tom Stine for this sunrise shot at the boat launch)

Here are some of the catch...

One of my favorite things to do while at Pillar Point RV Park is to watch the birds....especially the pelicans.    They're big, but agile in the air and amazing fishermen.  You can watch them turn their huge bodies into thin arrows as they plunge into the ocean and emerge with their long beaks and gullets full of fish. 

On a recent walk, we had a bit of a wake up call to remind us that pelicans are wild animals and while...
While there are a whole host of wonderful restaurants, many within walking distance of Pillar Point RV Park, there's nothing like throwing fresh fish, caught that day, on the grill.

Getting your hands on a fresh fish is easy here and there's several ways you can do it.

1.  Go out on the jetty to catch one OR use the Boat launch a block away to take out your own boat.  It's only $13 to launch.  Self serve.

2.  Book a charter that...
I took a walk today following the path that runs in front of Pillar Point RV Park and made my way to Pillar Point Harbor.  It's only about a three block walk along the ocean, so it's a wonderful way to get in a little exercise.   Along the way I saw pelicans, seagulls, families playing and others relaxing in the sun, just reading a book and having lunch.

In this photo, you can see the rv park just to the left pelican's head beside...