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Stormy days
are just the ticket for kite surfers.

Taking advantage of another stormy day at Pillar Point RV Park, over a dozen kite surfers came from near and far to catch the wind.    If you love the stormy weather at the ocean, however, I am afraid you'll be out of luck as of noon on Sunday.    The skies are scheduled to clear up and the temperature for the rest of the week looks to be in the low 70's.

Here are a f...

While RVers may not appreciate a little blustery weather during their vacation time, there's one thing the wind does bring to Pillar Point RV Park and that's KITE SURFERS!

(View shot from Lorraine's garden in Pillar Point RV Park)

Pillar Point RV Park sits between the ocean and the Pillar Point Harbor.  When the wind conditions are just right, the ocean side will have amazing waves that crash into the rocks, but the harbor side is smooth, mak...