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From the ancient form of slide rules 2,000 years ago, to the abacus, to the latest in technology and its culture, the Computer History Museum takes you through the journey that was known not only for its life changing accomplishments, but also for its stunning failures.    Learn about the beginnings of the internet, the people who shaped computer technology and those who marketed it. 

Did you know?  Initially, computers were ...

James Johnston's white salt box house sits on a hill facing the ocean just south of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1.  In 1853, Johnston owned all the land from his home to the ocean.   He built the house for his wife, Petra.  It was the first all wood house to be built in the area.  (slide show is below and an interview with a docent )
will be online shortly)

You can tour this house between 11am-3pm on the...