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I am so excited to share this new little nugget with you!

This is my new favorite place to visit!

Lace curtains and tablecloths, bay windows, eclectic seating and mismatched china all make for a wonderful oasis that will make you forget all your worries.

Muna Nash is the owner of Lovey's.   Muna, who lived in Ireland and traveled all of Europe, has done her best to bring the English countryside right to our door.  A...
Pillar Point RV Park is located smack dab in the middle of the surfing world.  Turn your head to the left, and you'll see "Surfer's Beach" where there's several dozen surfers in the water at any given time.  Turn your head right, and you can see Maverick's point and the surf shop of Jeff Clark, founder of the International Maverick's surf competition.    And guess what...they teach you how to surf.    ...

Taco Bell...really?  Now I wouldn't have wasted my time posting about a fast food place if it wasn't incredible.   I'm talking about the location and design more than I am the food, although I love Taco Bell and their food is consistant from store to store.

This Taco Bell sits right on the Pacifica State Beach and the views of the ocean don't get any better.   The back patio, which features tables and benches, sits right...