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It's so easy to get anywhere from Pillar Point RV get to Fisherman's wharf just drive 20 minutes north to the Colma BART station, take it to the Embarcadero, grab the F train trolley and're at Fisherman's wharf..less than 90 minutes from point to traffic to deal with, no high parking (if you're lucky enough to find a space) fees to pay.

Something new just opened up on the pier and we got a release from our friends a...

Recreational Sport
Crab Season
is here!

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have streamed into Pillar Point RV Park and the surrounding area as sport fishing dungeness crab season officially opens.  And, they are hauling them in today, along with Rock Cod and other fish.  It's an exciting day and we'll be updating this post to tell you more about it.

(Thanks to Tom Stine for this sunrise shot at the boat launch)

Here are some of the catch...

One of my favorite things to do while at Pillar Point RV Park is to watch the birds....especially the pelicans.    They're big, but agile in the air and amazing fishermen.  You can watch them turn their huge bodies into thin arrows as they plunge into the ocean and emerge with their long beaks and gullets full of fish. 

On a recent walk, we had a bit of a wake up call to remind us that pelicans are wild animals and while...
One of the many things I love about being at Pillar Point RV Park is that there is a Farmer's Market within walking distance every Sunday from 10am-4pm, year round.

Obviously the fruits and vegetables offered vary by season, but there other vendors there that sell fish and fresh meat, sausage, fresh bread, honey, nuts, cupcakes, kettle corn, goat cheese, hummus and more.   

They ask that dogs are either kept at home or in the car....<...>
While there are a whole host of wonderful restaurants, many within walking distance of Pillar Point RV Park, there's nothing like throwing fresh fish, caught that day, on the grill.

Getting your hands on a fresh fish is easy here and there's several ways you can do it.

1.  Go out on the jetty to catch one OR use the Boat launch a block away to take out your own boat.  It's only $13 to launch.  Self serve.

2.  Book a charter that...

If you don't have a tow vehicle and you need one, you can rent a car at Enterprise right here in Half Moon Bay. 

They are located right on San Mateo Road (Highway 92) just three miles south of Pillar Point RV Park.  They will come pick you up and then you can drop their driver off.

Call or reserve online at:

213 San Mateo Road
Suite 112
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 712-6880

And, if you want connection to...
I took a walk today following the path that runs in front of Pillar Point RV Park and made my way to Pillar Point Harbor.  It's only about a three block walk along the ocean, so it's a wonderful way to get in a little exercise.   Along the way I saw pelicans, seagulls, families playing and others relaxing in the sun, just reading a book and having lunch.

In this photo, you can see the rv park just to the left pelican's head beside...
Pillar Point RV Park is located smack dab in the middle of the surfing world.  Turn your head to the left, and you'll see "Surfer's Beach" where there's several dozen surfers in the water at any given time.  Turn your head right, and you can see Maverick's point and the surf shop of Jeff Clark, founder of the International Maverick's surf competition.    And guess what...they teach you how to surf.    ...

on display

As you head north on Hwy 1, you'll pass through Moss Beach and Monterra and through the part of the road locals call "Devil's Slide".

There, you'll notice something that stands on top of the mountain, overlooking the's not a statue, not a natural land formation!   So what is it? 

It's a WWII Gun Turret.  Several of these turrets were built along the California coast in this area to be o...

Moss Beach Chevron
9400 Highway 1
Moss Beach, CA  94038


Chevron in Moss Beach has added diesel pumps!  

The station is close and most importantly
Easy to get to, easy in and out...

Hours: 6:30am-10pm daily

Chevron is also where you can get your propane tanks filled or pumped directly into your vehicle, like we do with
our Road Trek.
Hours for Propane Service:  8am-6pm

Take a left onto Highway 1 as yo...
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