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See that black mass out there in the ocean?   It's not an oil slick or even a cloud shadow.
It's a flock of sea birds, as far as the eye can see from one side of Half Moon Bay to the other.  The birds are called Shearwaters.  There are 30 different kinds of shearwaters, and we believe these are sooty shearwaters.   These birds live on the water and come on land only to breed.   They migrate up to 40,000 mil...
Here's an interesting little tidbit.

What does the iconic Starkist logo "Charlie, The Tuna" have to do with Pillar Point Harbor?   The harbor was the birth place of the talking fish who always got rejected by the StarKist fishermen! "Sorry, Charlie!"

The Romeo wharf was built by Joe Romeo in 1940 for about $50,000.  Fishermen unloaded sardines and salmon there for decades. 

Joe branded cans of his seafood "Charlie Boy" with a c...

The pelicans are back but this time, they're after the bait on the harbor side of the jetty.  My friend, Yvonne and I wonder how they survived the dive bombing since the water is so shallow, but it must be those beaks full of water and fish really stop their momentum.

Look how this pelican brings in his wings and becomes a living dart as it enters the water!

The cool thing that happened today is that a fisherman on the shore, tossed out his ...