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It was a lively week at
Pillar Point RV Park! 

Kids on spring break always make for a celebratory feeling here.  Kids on bikes, BBQ's fired up, late nights around the campfire. I would say it was a terrific week with lots of good weather.

Two things in particular really caused some commotion.  

A 7 month old baby seal, weighing about 16 pounds, was found on the jetty rocks in front of the park Tuesday afternoon.   T...

Pillar Point and its harbor are home to just a handful of sea lions, so it's quite a thing when a non-local sea lion shows up on the jetty in front of Pillar Point RV Park and starts barking.

Volunteers from the Marine Mammal Center were called and they came out to see if the ...
While we have been seeing a lot of sea lions playing and feeding in the bay in front of Pillar Point RV Park lately, it's not often, in fact pretty rare, that one of them will hop out of the water and rest on the rocky jetty right in front of us.

We were lucky today to be able to see one of those sea lions who have been swimming around out in the bay.   Quite a few of us were out there taking photos and the sea lion seemed to pose and look ...