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Holy Moly! APB must have been put out Monday, calling all sea lions, sea gulls and Pelicans to Surfer's Beach right in front of Pillar Point RV Park!  

Not to mention, a very large research ship...

Like I always say, you never know what you will see when you visit Pillar Point RV Park!

The first thing we noticed in the morning were all the pelicans...then a large ship...then here comes an enormous raft of sea lions...and two lar...

Beautiful Weather, Friendly Campers, Gorgeous Sunsets

What a day, what a day, what a wonderful day Sunday was! (except the 49er loss)   Besides being a spectacularly beautiful day...perfect 68 degree temperature, sunny skies and a slight cool breeze, the marine animal kingdom kept us all very entertained.

Fishermen say if you want to know where the fish are, then watch the birds.  ...

I've said it before, but you really don't know what you're going to see each day when you wake up at Pillar Point RV Park.

This week, an unusual number of sea lions have been having the time of their lives in the waters off Surfer's Beach right in front of the RV Park. 

Since it's early in the sport fisherman salmon season, the appearance bodes well that the salmon are nearby.   I was told that both the salmon and the sea...


Tide pools are loved by adults and kids alike.  The amazing James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, home of the biggest area of tide pools I've ever seen,  is just a short two miles away.   There you will find a colorful variety of seaweed, crabs, sponges, anemones, sea stars, mollusks and fish.

There are trails accessible for walking and running.  Stairs lead from the parking lot down to the tidepools.

The Reserve w...

One of my favorite things to do while at Pillar Point RV Park is to watch the birds....especially the pelicans.    They're big, but agile in the air and amazing fishermen.  You can watch them turn their huge bodies into thin arrows as they plunge into the ocean and emerge with their long beaks and gullets full of fish. 

On a recent walk, we had a bit of a wake up call to remind us that pelicans are wild animals and while...