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Pillar Point is a perfect place to go kayaking.   There's quiet waters in the harbor for those just getting started and open ocean for those with more experience who are looking for a challenge.   We've even seen many kayaks filled with fishing gear as they set out around the jetty.

Here's our friend, Gail, who just got back from her first ever kayak outing.  

If you don't have your own kayak, then you can easily rent one from Half M...

The San Francisco Zoo stands out from the rest in that it is more intimate being smaller than the Bronx & San Diego Zoos but the animals are much more up close and "accessible" so to speak.

Check the weather before you go - zip code 94132. We were well-prepared for windy weather in the 50s, so walking around for a couple of hours was comfortable. I heard many visitors remark, "Wow, it's colder than I expected." Don't let it happen to you.